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  Christian Rome, photographer

Following higher education studying chemistry, I study applied arts at the "Ecole d'Arts Appliqués" of Vevey, Switzerland. Then comes my first salaried job in Nice, then Annecy in a publicity studio.

Having become independant 12 years ago, I work for the Volvo Group, and as exclusive photographer for Caterpillar Europe, specialising in shots of building site engines.

  Alain Dubouloz, photographer, digital graphic designer

I received University training, and after several work experiences as camera operator and laboratory technician, I started my own publicity photo studio at Lyon in 1992.

For 12 years I have been working for some public relation agencies, and some firms in the Rhône-Alpes area.

I then redefine my activities in the industrial field. At the same time, I'm specialised in shots applied to the national heritage (museums, decorated caves, scientific studies).

Touching up, photomontage, website creation, are amongst the skills I can offer to clients.


DuoVision is therefore the uniting of two work experiences, of two technical skills.
It's also the uniting of two different and complementary sensibilities, in order to better define the requirements of visual communications inescapable to firms.

Working thus as partners, and putting together our shot and light equipment, allows us to insure both great availability and increased efficiency, in order to see through all kinds of actions :

. technical shots within firms or in studio.

. on site illustrated reports.

. photographic campains in France or world-wide.